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A few numbers about Cooperation Concept

8 years of experience following up of local development, international cooperation and solidarity project directors.

From 2 500 to 3 500 calls for proposals for the local development, international cooperation and solidarity fields.

20160509_15395280%: Since 2009, projects that have followed all our recommendations have found on average 80% of their funds before their launch. The rest of the funds was found during the accomplishment of the project. The ones who have followed only partially our recommendations have reached less than 65% of their budget.

100 : Since 2009, Cooperation concept has supported more than a hundred projects.

200: nearly 200 projects occasionally supported (funds research, help for document drafting, help facing difficulties…)

1400 people (volunteers, activists, professionals, consultants, elected representatives, high public officials -without students) have followed at least one training on project management: local development, international cooperation and solidarity, public interest project funding or intercultural management.

9 university trainings asked us to train their students to prepare future professionals, managers, and project directors in the field of project management, intercultural management, local development and international solidarity and cooperation.

Our trump card

01Associations, NGOs, public actors, funders... Every stakeholder has his own position and codes. The success of your project depends on the comprehension of every position and your skills when it comes to adapting to every actor. Moreover, it depends on your ability to understand and take into account every scale of your project. By taking all these pieces of information into account, you have a real chance of becoming a good development actor.

Cooperation Concept helps actors of every scale: a real asset to offer trainings and support matching all development discourses, would it be international, national, or local.

Some permanent members of Cooperation Concept

Expert in methodology, practices and international solidarity funding

  • Project management
  • Intercultural management
  • Funding research
  • Management methodology
  • Local development and International solidarity

Committed to the International Solidarity field since 1999, he has followed studies specialized in the practices of international cooperation and solidarity actors (local NGOs, territorial authority companies, migrants, universities…). After volunteering to support projects, he created Cooperation Concept. A consultant specialist on management and funding for Southern projects since 2009, he has supported many projects of various scales and taught in several universities for specialized trainings.


Expert in project coordination and innovative financing

  • Project coordination
  • Local partner support
  • Volunteer management
  • Water sanitation
  • Innovative financing

After achieving a specialized Master’s degree in European and international law, and after several years working as a coordinator and project director for a French NGO specialized in the water and sanitation field, she joined Cooperation Concept, where she is an expert on innovative financing developed by the Internet and/or social activist actors.


Specialist in Communication and sensitization

  • Sensitization project
  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Environment and waste management
  • Water sanitation

For years an independent consultant on communication and sensitization projects led by cooperation agencies (GIZ, UE, LUX DEVELOPPEMENT, etc.) especially in Africa, she has mainly worked on water access and sanitation, environment protection and health, and road safety. With a strong experience in communication and marketing, she has also supported the development of various income-generating activities and cooperatives in Africa. 


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