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« The will to help is not sufficient to do well »

Project management and funding for a public interest project demand many tools and abilities. Even associations with a considerable budget still do not have the tools to follow the evolutions of the development sector.

To pool competences

Cooperation Concept offers to help and reinforce the abilities of NGOs, associations, civil society organizations around tree points, by pooling our experience and knowledge in order to let project managers work on their projects.

  1. Organization management

Managing an organization can demand to take into account distinctive features in order to be a long-term organization.

  1. Project management

Carrying out projects is at the core of associations, NGOs, and civil society organizations. Public interest projects and local development ones require the mobilization of knowledge and specific expertise.

  1. Fundraising

Fundraising is a crucial element for associations, NGOs and Civil society organization and requires knowledge and tools to not miss any call for projects and funding sources.

Around these three elements, Cooperation Concept offers various programs to empower actors.


Trainings allow to quickly respond to some identified needs. To adapt to every associations situation, we offer:

  • Trainings adapted to every association’s needs according to a list of more than 60 modules.
  • They have a specific pedagogy in order to let participant be autonomous and work on their projects during the exercise.
  • These formations can be organized from a distance or not, only for your organization or shared with several organizations.
  • A unique system of raining videos are available on our website, which allows project leaders to have a self-formation, or participants to go back on some contents they have seen during the formation.

Support for the setting up of projects in order to reinforce the quality and impact of the project


The setting up of public interest project requires specific know-hows. On the contrary of what we could think, it is not sufficient to show willingness to succeed.

The success and realization of a project asks to consider various pieces of key data to receive the funds asked.

Most of projects leaders are so busy to look at how they are going to finance their project that they do not take the necessary time to carry out a project which has all the guarantees that the sector asks.

To help project leaders, Cooperation Concept offers various services, so that we can answer to every situation. To do so, we offer expertise and we give access to a specific expert’s network. We can also adapt all our services for a specific time lapse, by correspondence or directly. 

Support fundraisingkif_1123

To search for funds for your project requires many tools, know-hows, and a long-term monitoring work. On call for project or innovative financing, Cooperation Concept offers to poll its monitoring work and experience for the benefits of projects.

To do so, here are our services:

  • To make financing plans available.
  • To anticipate funds and have a long-term vision on all financing possibilities.
  • To comment reports before sending to financiers.
  • A support to the setting up of innovative solutions to finance your project.

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