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Public actors are central actors of development and international solidarity and cooperation.  Every authority, national or regional, elected or not, politicians, technicians, chiefs of services, etc. Every public actor has strong power in development dynamics. Facing all the missions they have, Cooperation Concept supports public actors with various services:

img_0922-modifSupporting local development project and decentralized cooperation:


One of the missions of public actors is to establish strategies and development plans, and to set them up. However, despite their knowledge, to lead local development project international or only decentralized cooperation is complex and requires the mobilization of additional expertise. Cooperation Concept reinforces public actors by offering them support for the realization of:

  • strategies of local development
  • projects of territorial development
  • development projects
  • decentralized cooperation


Helping financing local development project and decentralized cooperation

Public actors are often searching for complementary funding to lead actions and development projects. Cooperation Concept, thanks to its expertise and know-how on funding searches, can offer you:

  • To anticipate to get a long-term vision of funding possibilities.
  • To support the fundraising for projects
  • To realize an analysis on the financing needs before asking funders.
  • Budget development for the project
  • The setup of innovative solution to get funds.

Reinforcing assokif_1104ciations and civil society territory organizations

Local authorities are responsible for the development and dynamism of their territory. They also must promote and support efforts and local initiatives from economic actors and civil society.

To support public actors in this approach, Cooperation Concept offers:

  • An expertise of existing associations and needs.
  • Territorial diagnostic of committed actors (companies, organizations, etc.) and possible synergies.
  • A diagnostic of subsidy and support systems for associations and civil society
  • The elaboration of strategies of financial and non-financial support for associations and civil society organizations.
  • Socialized formations targeting territory associations
  • Working sessions with several associations.
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