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Every week, Cooperation Concept propose a 1hour eLearning session (in French). The objective is to discover news topic, refresh or develop your knowledge on fundraising and nonprofit or public inters project management.

If you are interesting by an English session please contact us

Intercultural management

Cooperation Concept share with public authorities, civil society and economic actor his expertise in in complex intercultural project management. Learn more

Public interest and development project


arry out a project of public interest or development request more than just goodwill. It needs to integrate lot of question to manage all the technical aspect. « If solidarity is not limited to expert and professionals, it’s must be think as an amateur.»



Lot of non-profit organization and local authorities have difficulties to raise fund for their project. Cooperation Concept propose handmade solution for fund your project.

Change Management


Every development project, nonprofit project, local authorities or company, every project induce change. It’s primordial to anticipate this change otherwise the change will face opposition and increase the sources of failure. Cooperation Concept can support you in the change implementation, by specific change behavior tool.

Are you facing difficulties in getting financial support?

Is it hard to mobilize stakeholders for your project?

Do you want to learn how to answer your sector’s quality expectations?

Associations, NGOs, public actors, funders... Every stakeholder has his own position and codes. All these elements have to be taken into account during the management of your project.

Cooperation Concept is specialist in training and guiding all actors.

Cooperation Concept is a consultancy agency which aims at supporting actors intervening at different scales in the international cooperation and solidarity field. The goal is to share and spread experiences and working methods through methodological support based on professional skills.

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Our services to associations and NGOs

In order to support associations in their solidarity actions, we offer training, following and more specific on-demand services.

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aide publique au développement en afrique

cadre logique projet de développement


Our services to public actors

A support for local development projects mostly for decentralized cooperation, but also to reinforce the associative network in the territory.

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Our services to economic actors

We offer to set up CSR programs for civil society, but also to set up a specific offer answering your organization needs.

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financements de projet de coopération

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