Frequently Asked Questions – english


In order to know more about our services, here are answers to the main questions that are asked. If you do not find your answer, please contact us.


Cooperation Concept is an association, but it still has operating expenses. Indeed, to offer skills and quality expertise, we need employees and/or consultants, which has a cost. Furthermore, we often attend specific trainings to upgrade our skills and we participate to conferences and national gatherings to be updated on calls for proposals and news of the sector.

To ensure its model’s longevity, the functioning of the association do not receive State subsidies.

When we ask for an advice, we pay for it. When we go to see a doctor, we pay for the consultation and not when we are in good health. It is the same for professionals of consulting: layers, accountants, etc.

Cooperation Concept used to offer services that it was possible to pay after having results. Unfortunately, we have faced too many unpaid missions, which put the structure in danger. These experiences also showed that most of the time the trained association was keeping information for itself, reducing the chance of having results, and finally associations were giving us missions that were not adapted to our competences.

Cooperation Concept offers strong quality services recognized with a very affordable cost. We have evolutive prices, various possible services and online content.

On the personal scale, everyone committed for Cooperation Concept believes in the interest of local development civil society and public authority.

Some of us, committed as volunteers, and our employees have lower wages than usual for the sector and knowing their competences.

Facing all the solicitations that we receive, we invite you to first send us an email with the presentation sheet so that we can send you a specific service offer.

Then, once everyone has all the information needed, an effective discussion can take place: it is winning time for everyone.

Cooperation Concept seeks to support different and various project leaders. That is why we have implemented evolutive prices and we suggest specificities helping the association to self-finance Cooperation Concept services.

Example: a small NGO can ask Cooperation Concept for a training. Knowing Cooperation Concept’s prices, the association can ask to other associations invited to the training to pay the entrance. Using their local implantation and their links with different actors, the structure can attract associations unattainable for Cooperation Concept. It is even possible to make profit.

We offer various modalities to allow project leaders to get our services. Learn more on our services.

When a investor decides to support a project, he is fully aware that the construction of the project requires the investment of time and money.

It means that Cooperation Concept services, as other fees concerning the construction of the project (if they respect the rules), will be reimbursed by funders of the project. That is one of the reasons why Cooperation Concept offers evolutive prices.

Cooperation Concept is a specialist in development projects (development, human, social, environment protection, etc.) We do not intervene in emergency help projects.

Facing all the requests, we offer training on fundraising for sportive and cultural (French) associations because fundraising tools and know-how are the same than for development.


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