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Cooperation Concept seeks to support project leaders who are developing international cooperation and solidarity and local development projects, but also decentralized cooperation and public interest projects (public or private), by sharing methodology and specific know-how.

Cooperation Concept seeks to adapt its needs and specificities to every situation. To do so, we have developed various technics, know-how and competences but we also offer various modalities to set up and support projects.


The concept: a toolbox

Whether in the content or in the presentation of our interventions, Cooperation Concept wants to be a toolbox adapting to the needs of projects leaders. Everything that we offer is updated thanks to an everyday check on new methods and experimentation so that we know the real impact of every tool.

To support project leaders, we offer:


With an innovative pedagogy, Cooperation Concept offers more than 60 different trainings that are adapted to every project director.
We have 5 themes for the training:

  • Methods and tools recognized by the development sectors, for project construction and management
  • Public interest International development, cooperation and solidarity project fundraising
  • Basis for project management
  • Local development practices
  • Every subject related.

A support for projects

The association Cooperation Concept can help you in various steps of your project. This support can be adapted to your needs:

  • An individual coaching that aims at helping project leaders step by step, all along their projects or only punctually.
  • Distance support: it is the same principle than personal support but it is an online support. You can organize Skype meetings with your coach online.
  • Collective work sessions gathering further project leaders and facilitated by Cooperation Concept. Every project director works on his project and benefits from Cooperation Concept’s expertise and the presence of other project leaders.

A support for fundraising

To help project leader in their fundraising, we offer:

  • Redactional support

LostFile_JPG_239388488Cooperation Concept can support projects leaders in the redaction of their grants application, by training the project leader in document redaction.

  • Document analysis

Cooperation Concept can analyze presentation papers, a grant application or any document related to your project. The analysis will check both presentation and content. This allows you to be sure of your documents’ quality before sending them to the potential financiers.

  • Funders research

We offer to project leader to identify potential funders and to establish a financing plan for their projects.

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